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Best Fail Videos 2016

Best Fail videos of the week ! Fail and prank videos xD Keep watching ! Our channel keeps uploading new videos daily and weekly.

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Some infos about video,

#1 The guy is trying to steal some boxes from market, and fail ! 00:12

#2 While girl is doing plates, she messes the whole shelf on her, bad one haha 00:29

#3 Girl dancing twerk alone, suddenly she gets kicked by her mom ! lol 0:46

#4 Children running to the camera, and dog hits the child in air ! Fail enough 0:55

#5 Girl with hooverboard falls down near pool, and hooverboard into pool ! She dives after haha 1:13

#6 Baby is trying to eat some fruit, he pushes hard all it to his face badly

#7 Cheerleader girls throw their friend to the ceiling , she hits hard. Cheerleader fail 1:37

#8 Guy is trying to get his chips in office, yes he got them ! He falls down from chair 2:06

#9 One wheel bicycle fail 2:16

#10 Model plane fail , she gets back her plane lol 2:28

#11 baby scared of her shadow ! she run away from her shadow omg :)) 2:34

#12 Hoverboard fail at christmas , she fall down near christmas tree hooverboard 2:52

#13 Father shots his son with snow ! Haha 3:03

#14 Cat looks like monkey 3:12

#15 Usual skateboard fail, he is just ok no worries 3:28

#16 Girl doesnt care about her granma, she runs away from grandma 3:38

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